Get Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics for Free! are currently promoting their site with a Fallout Giveaway! Get Fallout 1, 2 & Fallout Tactics for free. You can find the bundle on the page below and then either login or create an account to redeem the code. Goto the bundle page! Happy gaming in this festive season!

Get Saints Row 3 on Steam PC Free!


Everyone has seen Saints Row 3, lots of people want to play it but only a few have bought it. Want a free steam code? DeepSilver are giving them away! Follow this simple guide: Open your e-mail program Create a new message To: Subject: Saints Row 3 Content: Hi, Please make me a saint. <Your…
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How to enable Open Graph on Facebook


Open Graph has been launched by Facebook! You can now do contextual searches from the new search bar, to enable it on your account is really simple! Goto Facebook Sign In Click the Settings Cog (Top Right Corner) Click ‘Account Settings’ Change ‘Language’ to ‘English (US)’ Now the top bar will change to the new…
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Favicons in Google Ads

Favicons have been spotted in Google Adwords Ads! They have been seen appearing on certain ad units in text based ads offering additional triggers for brand awareness to your potential customer base. You can see one taken from below. I also have seen another one appear for WebMeUp in the last few days, I…
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Missing the Social Tag Trick?

So, as all internet marketers “are saying” Social is the new signal to have. Yeah its great to have trending topics and something go viral; you get a slurry of traffic to your server with a massive high bounce rate (normally) – if you pay for bandwidth you have to cover the cost of the…
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Why a New Clients Sites Adwords Ban Doesn’t Phase Me.

Many sites have issues with the one and only Google Adwords advertising system, from sites that are rejected upon signup to others that have ran campaigns successfully for a number of months before the dreaded issue e-mail arrives. So, as a website owner or someone who has been given the task of managing a website…
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Google Now Suggests Query Changes

Just been checking some rankings and have seen that upon loading page 3 of the results for my query (hidden due to client confidentiality) it then suggests a different search term to refine the results. I am not sure at this time if it is a new feature or only applied to certain searches/keywords… have…
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Twitter Ads Launches Analytics

Twitter has launched its Analytics service for Advertisers of its network. You can login with your existing profile and will be able to view valuable insights into your twitter data, from tweet stats to follower trends and insights. Why do I say “will be able to“? That’s because its not quite working yet… Many Internet…
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