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Now, Tumblr is great for creating a blog or even using it as a Social Network for your site can be beneficial but one of the main restrictions I found was adding images quickly to keep the blog updated without spending a few hours on each blog a day. Pair a batch upload up with a queue and you are set for a few weeks (depending on the size of your batch upload of course).

So, in this guide I shall cover how to prepare your images for batch upload and how to send them to your Tumblr Queue via Tumbloadr.

Prepare Images for Bulk Upload

Firstly you must source your images (remember to pay attention to copyright/attribution laws), once you have done this lets save them to a folder e.g. c:\bulkupload.


Now, to allow them to fit well within your blog you may wish to re-size them, ImageTuner is a great little program that can batch re-size images quickly and easily, once they are re-sized you are ready to package them for upload.

To prepare the files for upload we must first compress them and add them to a .zip archive with no folders included, the easiest way is to create a new .zip file within Windows Explorer by right clicking and then selecting ‘New’ and then ‘.zip Compressed File’, then drag all the images into the .zip file.


Upload to Tumbloadr

Now the .zip file is prepared we will open Tumbloadr and goto the ‘upload’ page. This should present you with a page similar to the one below.


Fill out the form as follows and select your .zip file, then click ‘Upload’. You will now be checked via Tumblr if you wish to allow the application access, select ‘Yes’; the images are now being fed into Tumblr – this process may take a while, the script will still be running (to check it has not hung feel free to open a new tab and check your Queue, upon a refresh the queue size should increase).


Check Bulk Upload in Tumblr

tumblr-bulk-upload-6You can now load your Tumblr Queue, upon a refresh or load the queue size should increase and you should now see your pending posts, you can now edit or update them as usual.

One thought on “Batch Upload using Tumbloadr

  1. I can’t get this to work, it keeps jumping to Picloadr and won’t accept .ZIP files.

    Please explain what I’m doing wrong

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