Add Twitter Feed (v1.1) to WordPress

This guide explains how to add a Twitter Feed using the new v1.1 API to your WordPress site, all in under 2 minutes!

Welcome to my how to video on adding a Twitter Feed to your WordPress powered Website or Blog.

To start I am assuming you have already made a twitter account and have established a basic site or blog in wordpress and that you are signed into both account, I will be demonstrating this process on my own site.

Now goto Twitter and goto your ‘Settings’ accessing it via the top right cog. Once there select widgets from the left side menu, then click ‘Create New’. Now configure your widget as you like noting:

  • Username: [enter your twitter username]
  • Exclude Replies: turns on/off the option to display your replies to other tweets
  • Auto Expand Photos: turns on/off the display of photos in the feed
  • Height: how tall you want the widget to be in pixels on your website
  • Theme: selects a white/black colour scheme for the widget
  • Link color: enter the colour code you want the links to display (normally the same as your main site/blog)

Now click ‘Create Widget’, Twitter will then reload the page with code displayed in a text box, copy this code to your clipboard and head over to your WordPress installation.

Once you are in your WordPress site you can now head to the widgets area of the theme (you can place it in other areas such as footers or headers but this guide doesn’t cover those methods yet!).

Now create a new ‘Text’ widget and drag it into the area of choice for your installation, then give the widget a title of your choice, and paste the code in the bottom box. I ensured that automatic paragraphing was off, click save and then head over to your site to check it out!

If you have any issues please do not hesitate to contact me.

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